Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wedding Shower Tricks

To tag onto my previous post, I have a couple tricks to share. These are easy crafts that added great touches to the shower.

Food Pedestal
I couldn't find any cute pedestal's that weren't going to put a dent on the budget, so the only alternative was to create my own. I spent roughly $15.00 maximum to make both of these! I found these cute pink plates from the Spring Collection at Hobby Lobby on sale for $2.00 a piece! I bought two clear candle sticks, 50% off and at two different heights, also from Hobby Lobby. 

At first I was going to use some heavy duty glue to attach the plates to the candle sticks, but wasn't sure I wanted them to be permanent, so I used Velcro! This was a great way to temporarily use these as food pedestals. I used the Velcro dots, applying three pieces on the plates and three pieces on the candle sticks.

Here is the finished product! It worked great! 

Thank You Sign

Here is a great trick for wood products. To create my wooden thank you sign I bought a natural wood piece from Hobby Lobby. I used a roller to apply the grey acrylic mixed with a little bit of a clear stain to paint my first coat. 

I did not completely saturate the wood. I left areas unfinished to give it a more of a distressed look. 

I then used this paint brush to whisk streaks of white paint. 

To apply your letters you will need to print off your words on your home printer. Make sure you're words are backwards! Place ink side down over your wood and use the bold end of a sharpie to press as firmly or as lightly as you want. Your words will "magically" appear on the wood! 

There you have two easy crafts for any occasion! Be inspired and create!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Southern Shower

Recently I got to throw my very first wedding shower! My sister in law is getting married in September and who better to throw her a shower than me! Since we live in the south and mason jars seem to be a bit popular right now I chose to go with a sweet southern theme. 

What better way to go southern than with some homemade Apple Butter? We have a nice little apple tree in our yard, so we thought we'd put it to good use. My husband and I made a few batches of the delicious spread, canned them, and accessorized them with some green and white gingham fabric. 

I found this old crate at a flea market and purchased some burlap from Hobby Lobby to set up shop. 

I made this distressed "Thank You" sign to ensure guests knew these jars were for them.

This combination of colorful sweet flowers in a mason jar really topped off our set up. 

Food Table
The brides aunt put together this gorgeous center piece using flowers from outside the house. Like with our favor table, we used burlap as our table cloth. 

I kept things simple for the plates, but used a combination of floral, stripes and dots for napkins.

We ordered Oreo cake balls with light blue icing, a wedding color, and displayed them in cute black and white muffin cups. 

I could not find any cute serving platters so I put these together myself. I do have a little secret I will share with you later this week. 

I ordered these berry baskets and made a white table trey to set them in. One of the dilemma's I faced was finding cute food label stands, until I had a great idea pop in my head while walking through Hobby Lobby. I bought clothes pins and found these cute cut out shapes.They made the most adorable southern displays. 

To add a cute southern touch I bought these paper doilies from Hobby Lobby. I used one under the punch dispenser and one under the cake ball pedestal. 

Mason jar cups were a given, but to make them even more cute I got these pink striped straws. 

I had this old bucket that was the perfect size for holding mini waters

I made a little wooden sign with a "W". The brides future initial. 

I'd say this was a success! There were so many little touches that made it complete. Be inspired and create! 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Fashion Escape

I've been in the fashion mood lately. Wouldn't it be great if we could turn our pinterest apparel into our closet? Here are some outfits I'm loving, no matter the weather. 

Texture, Floral and Chiffon


Sweater Love

 These are still great summer outfits, slowly transitioning into fall. Hope you like them. Be inspired and create! 

Note: I do not own any of these photos. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Etsy Love: Sewing a Seed

We all have our favorite Etsy shops and I'd love to share one of my favorites with you! Sewing a Seed adds personal touches to all they offer. Here are some of my favorite products. 

Baby Pillow 
I am in love with this personalized baby pillow! Pick your colors to match the nursery and forever have this wonderful keepsake! Perfect gift for new parents!  

Cosmetic Case
These hanging cosmetic cases are great for traveling and would make great bridesmaid gifts!  

Towel Wraps
I have a personalized towel wrap from Sewing a Seed and use it everyday! It's especially great when it's the middle of summer and 100 degrees outside! I also love this for the bride on her big day! 

Market Totes
These totes are so cute and and great for picnics, gift baskets, and storage for kids and crafts. There are a few different designs to choose from, all cute of course! 

Head on over to Sewing A Seed and check out their stuff! I hope you find something you like!