Monday, June 25, 2012

Hello America!

With both the 4th of July and the Olympic Games around the corner there is a high demand for "American Apparel" and by the looks of things I think the merchants have it covered. I've scoped out a few options for the upcoming American festivities! Let's see what we have. 


How cute is this striped satchel? It's perfect for a day at the lake or casual day by the pool. 


These rings are hot right now! I found this bright blue one from A perfect accent for your American Holiday. 

Scarfs are always a great accessory. I love the red stripes and American Flag. 


 You might need some jewelry to spruce up your outfit. I found a few goodies you might like. 




And of course you need some American Apparel. I only scoped out the evident apparel, flags a plenty. 

Bralet from

White denim flag shorts from

Flag tank from

Denim Flag shorts from Wal-Mart.

Railroad Stripes from Wal-Mart.

I'd say you are ready to go. Have fun with all the American Apparel this Summer, there is plenty of it out there! Be inspired and create! 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Jewelry Organizing Fun

Bracelets, and watches and rings, oh my! Every girls got some jewelry and it seems like it just keeps piling up! I pulled together a few ideas to creatively display and organize your jewelry. 

Coke Bottles

Coke bottles are a great way to display and organize your bracelets and watches. I love the vintage feel of old coke bottles. 

Tea Cups and Bowls

I found this cute bowl and charming tea cup at T.J Maxx. I put my rings in the bowl and some of my necklaces in the tea cup. These would also be good for earrings and bracelets. Mix and match your patterns and colors for a fun display.


Source: Unknown

Candelabras are a great tool for organizing your necklaces! Check out some flea markets for a great find like the one pictured. 

Cake Stands

Source: Unknown

How great does this look? Tiered cake stands make great jewelry holding pieces. These are especially good for bracelets and watches. 

I love finding multiple purposes for everyday items. All of these ideas are great display pieces for your jewelry. They definitely have  charming eye appeal. Be inspired and create! 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Room for Jude

 If you follow me regularly you know my cousin is about to have her very first baby! Over the past couple months I've had a few DIY baby craft posts from her shower, but now it's time to reveal the babies room! Before we get to involved here, lets introduce the little guy. Jude is expected to make his arrival on June 23 and I would say this kid is all set! I personally think baby rooms are the most enjoyable and fun spaces to design. So much love is put into making these spaces absolutely perfect. So with all that said, lets get down to business. 

Jude's Room
I love this room because there are so many DIY projects within the space. She first told me she was doing a vintage sports theme and that the colors would be navy, light blue, yellow and white. Seems fairly simple right? Well I will tell you that I was blown away at how great everything turned out! (Insert drum roll here)

Who doesn't love this? It's a pinners dream come true! I want to point out the frame with pictures and a single pennant. I don't have a close up of this, but looks great and I'm sure it's very simple to make. Use an old frame attach some chicken wire and use clothes pins to hang your pictures. Perfect for a vintage feel. 

I just think this is the perfect little boy bedding. It's not understated, but the perfect balance of color and pattern for a boy. The bedding came from Serena and Lily, the Graham Collection. You could call this their color road map, it encompasses the navy, yellow, white and light blue. I especially love the initial pillow. Throughout Jude's room are a few family keepsakes. The bear pictured in the crib is Jude's dads first and favorite bear! 

What a great idea to welcome home Jude with a chalkboard! The chalkboard came from Ikea and below that is this great antique radio flyer  wagon. 

Pinterest project number 2. Most people like to display their babies name above the crib. I think this may be the best idea I've seen lately! This was made with an antique window pane, some knobs, wooden letters, and craft paper from Hobby Lobby

Above the changing table we've got some vintage flannel collegiate pennants, an antique oar, Norman Rockwell Prints, an old lock and chain and 
a great little lamp shade from Target. 

I love this picture, because I have some childhood memories from this little chair. This chair has been in my cousins family for years. It's a nice accent to this vintage room! 

This piece really anchors the room. An antique bookshelf is the perfect piece to display decorative items. 

This basket of baseballs are all of Jude's dads baseballs from when he was a kid! What a great addition to the room. And who doesn't love a great owl these days?

Here's a close up of the bookshelf. I love everything about it, the color, the knobs and the aging. How cute are those blocks? 

If you've visited recently this "J" crate may look familiar. I made this for them for their baby shower. If you go back a few posts you can find out how to DIY. I think this globe adds a nice touch to the room as well. 

This is soon to be mom and Jude's favorite spot. A subtle pattern can go a long way. This white and blue striped chair coordinates back to the bedding

I wanted to show a close up of these drapes because I thought they were so darn cute and could easily be turned into a DIY project. They purchased these, but all you would need are some plain white drapery panels and some twine. It would take some precision and patience, but you could get them glued down. 

This about sums up Jude's little room. There was a lot of love put into this room and it turned out perfectly! We can't wait to meet the little guy! Hope you found some inspiration, be inspired and create! 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Big Problem Simple Solution

I don't know about you, but I need a little structure and organization in my life. I had finally had enough of the dreaded Tupperware lid drawer. I could easily use this drawer for something else besides a mess of lids. This had finally became a big problem with a simple solution.  

I thought for a few minutes and came up with the perfect solution! I went and bought some metal mesh letter holders. You can get these pretty much anywhere, Wal-Mart, Target or any office supply store and they are very cheap. 

Now that's more like it, a little bit of organization. Keeps the mess minimal and freed up some drawer space! 

Be inspired and create!