Sunday, June 17, 2012

Jewelry Organizing Fun

Bracelets, and watches and rings, oh my! Every girls got some jewelry and it seems like it just keeps piling up! I pulled together a few ideas to creatively display and organize your jewelry. 

Coke Bottles

Coke bottles are a great way to display and organize your bracelets and watches. I love the vintage feel of old coke bottles. 

Tea Cups and Bowls

I found this cute bowl and charming tea cup at T.J Maxx. I put my rings in the bowl and some of my necklaces in the tea cup. These would also be good for earrings and bracelets. Mix and match your patterns and colors for a fun display.


Source: Unknown

Candelabras are a great tool for organizing your necklaces! Check out some flea markets for a great find like the one pictured. 

Cake Stands

Source: Unknown

How great does this look? Tiered cake stands make great jewelry holding pieces. These are especially good for bracelets and watches. 

I love finding multiple purposes for everyday items. All of these ideas are great display pieces for your jewelry. They definitely have  charming eye appeal. Be inspired and create! 

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