Sunday, May 12, 2013

Tips and Tricks: How to clean glass without the streaks

I'm not sure many of us had much of a Spring this year, but "Spring cleaning" still had to be done. I learned a useful trick years ago and I'm not sure if many others know this little secret, so I thought I'd share. Do you know how to clean glass without leaving streaks? No? Well the secret is simple, you clean it with newspaper. Yes, newspaper. Spray your cleaner and wipe with newspaper. Your streaks will be gone!

 Be inspired and create! 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Etsy Love: The Print Co.

I've got an awesome Etsy shop to share with you! If you love photos and color, you will love what this shop can offer. They take your favorite picture and transform it into a pop art print. You provide the picture and the colors and they do the work, the best part is it's only $12.00 for 3 variations of the print! Check out some of the options below! 

The Print Co. 

I love the idea of using an engagement photo with your wedding colors! 

Go check them out here The Print Co. These would be great for a photo collage!