Monday, February 27, 2012

Colorful Decorating

This is for all the color lovers out there and hopefully we can change a few minds who aren't. A good medium is to use a vibrant paint color with neutral furnishings and accessories or choose a neutral paint color and accessorize with bold pops of color! In our featured spaces they have chosen neutral paint colors and added gorgeous colorful furnishings, all great focal points!

Soft Purple
Why I love: This purple side table is a great contrast to the pale orange wallpaper. It is a cooler tone so it keeps the space subdued. 

Why I Love: Aqua is a great accent to gold accessories. This palette is very fresh and clean. Seems like a feel good space!

Sea foam Green
Why I Love: Sea foam is a gentle color. It's not over powering, but livens up any space.

Why I Love: I love the idea of colorful dining room chairs! It adds so much character and gives the room a vintage chic feel.

Why I Love: Orange can be a tricky color, but with large windows that let plenty of light through it can also look fabulous. With such tall ceilings the orange does not take over this room, it adds the perfect amount of contrast.

Royal Blue
Why I Love: Like our sea foam green, a dark blue is a gentle color and like our aqua it pairs great with gold. Using blues in a monochromatic scheme is a great way to incorporate color, while keeping your space light and airy.  

I definitely need a good colorful piece of furniture! I'm thinking my living room tv stand. If I follow through with a revamp I will be sure to post. Hope you found some inspiration, be inspired and create!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Monthly Menu Planner

Ok, so one day I was looking through pinterest and saw a pin that said "an entire years worth of weekly menus, complete with recipes and grocery list". I thought to myself "um, amazing, I need to check this out". I went to the website, Eat At Home Cooks, scoped out the menus and ended up saving about 4 months worth of weekly goodies! Yesterday I spent the day compiling the papers and crafting an incredible menu planning binder!

What I did:
You will need a binder, decorative scrapbook paper, a paper cutter, decorative letters and a 3 hole punch.

The first thing I did was make my binding display. I cut the scrapbook paper to fit inside the binder and added my letters. My binding says "Menu Planner", I probably should have gone with the blue letters, seeing as how they would have been easier to read, but I'm a fan of green.

You will then need to cut two pieces of your paper to fit the front and back side of your binder. You will then have 3 pieces total.

I used one of my green papers to print a list for the front side of the binder. I printed out " Weekly Menu-Grocery List-Coupons-Recipes". I then cut down the paper so it would cover the bottom half of my binder.I also added some decorative elements that you will see on my finished product.

I used my green pieces of paper to print divider tabs. Each tab will keep track of the week. Example: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 etc. Print them on the longest width so they will stick out past your 8.5X11 piece of copy paper.

Use your paper cutter and cut them into strips. Once you have them cut, punch one hole at the opposite end.

Next, print out your PDFs and organize them accordingly.

I also added a clear sleeve to keep my coupons in.

The binder is now complete!

You can add the rest of your grocery list to the list page. Keep your recipe pages neat and tidy and you can re-use them in a few months, only needing to re-print the list page. This will save you tons of time planning!

Be inspired and create!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekend Inspiration

Stylish looks provided for your inspiration! Happy shopping this weekend!

Be inspired and create!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Get it Girl:Lace up!

Hello all! It's been a few days so lets dive right into it. We've got two great looks and all the resources to help you get them in your closet!

Get the Look
I love this look because it incorporates the ever so trendy lace detailing and loose high low top.

Our inspiration

Lace Skirt

From: offers a few options for lace skirts. This body-con skirt is fully lined and will look perfect with our slouchy shirt. 


Staying true to our color palette we have a loose fit tee in blush, accented with a cute little pocket.

From: Forever21
This top seems more fitting and I wanted to give you a different color option. Green or blue would still be just as cute!  

From: ASOS
This belt is perfect for our outfit! It is a great width, has cute detailing and a great gold buckle.


From: ASOS

From: MaxandChloe

To complete our look we need a few layering gold necklaces, but I wanted to gather a few options for our focal point. I found these three necklaces that would all look fabulous with our look. Our first necklace is a gold and cream combo, the second detailed perfection and the third bold yet subtle.

Get the Look
Now moving on to our second look, this is a little more of the sweet girl next door. We've still got lace detailing and two great options for skirts!

Our inspiration

The Skirt


The pleated pep rally skirt is claiming its spot in the spring season. I've seen it everywhere recently! This is a great option for those that want something more loose fitting.

From: Old Navy

I'm loving this pleated satin wrap skirt! It is super soft and fits like a glove! Wear it with or with out tights, either option would look great!

 Love this top from Dorothy Perkins! It has minimal lace detailing, and would look great with our skirts or skinny jeans.

From: Urban Outfitters
This top is very fitting and if you purchase please wear a tan underneath :). It is however the perfect fit to tuck under a skirt.

From: Forever 21

Our last option is a lace back cardigan. Cute and simple, button up to imitate our look more closely.

From: ASOS

Perfect camel skinny belt! Enough said.

Two looks complete! Hope you like our looks, start shopping! Be inspired and create!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Weekend Inspiration

As always here is your inspiration for your weekend shopping. It seems I'm liking green, red, and white. Hope you like them!

Be inspired and create!