Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Storage Ideas

Everybody needs storage and if you want to keep your space neat, tidy and organized you're going to need a lot of it! We've got storage bins, baskets, boxes and furniture pieces.If you want to have a fully functional organized home you're going to need a little bit of both. 

Chevron Baskets

Why I Love: I love the idea of a patterned basket weave! These baskets come in three different sizes and a variety of color ways. Since these have a chevron pattern I would keep them exposed in a room. It will add a charming touch to any space.   

Exposed Table Storage

Why I Love: If you have some cute accent pieces that also serve a functional purpose use a storage piece that will expose them. This is a great way to add a decorative element. I love this light blue double stacked table. This could be an easy DIY project. The distressed dark charcoal piece provides drawer storage and would look great in a cottage chic space.

Blue Buffet

Why I Love: I love the shape and hardware on this piece. You could easily incorporate this piece into any interior style. You could use this as a TV Console, entry table, dining storage piece for linens and serve ware or in an office area.

 Large Mirrored Hutch

Why I Love: I don't think I need to explain much here! This piece is fabulous! I love the wood detailing starting from the top all the way down. The mirrored pieces add a great reflective quality. Should be plenty of room to store in here, looks huge!

Patterned Boxes

Why I Love: Boxes are always a good storage piece. It's an easy way to store pictures, dog toys, magazines, etc. If you can find a cute pattern they can look great exposed on a table like this. Find some to match your decor!

Colorful Accents

Why I Love: I love the colors and the mix matched hardware. The style of this piece is adorable, but the stripes give it that extra touch. Drawers are good storage for delicate clothing, or throw blankets.

DIY Storage Box
Here is a cheap, but cute way to get some of your own unique storage boxes.

1. Photo Boxes: I got mine from Hobby Lobby
2. Glue glider
3. Scissors
4. Decorative wrapping paper

Lets Get Going

Here is the plain black photo box I picked up at Hobby Lobby. They have a few different colors and even a couple of patterns.

Step 1

Lay out your lid face down on your wrapping paper. Mine had a grid so I left 2 rows on each side.

Step 2

Cut out the paper, just like a present.

Step 3

Roll your glue glider over the interior edges of the long sides.

Step 4

Fold down paper over the long edges, pressing down over the glue. Be sure to pull firmly.

Step 5

Fold the ends just like a present. Place glue on the interior edges of the shorter sides just like you did in step 3. Fold over the paper and press firmly over the glue.


Your lid is complete!

Now you have a fun super cute storage box! Add a fun colorful label to top it off!

Be inspired and create!


  1. Love the cute box idea! I'm moving back into a dorm soon, so I've been looking at new storage ideas:) I'll have to fly there, so I'll be buying there, but the box idea is great for home:D



  2. Ashley, these would be great for a dorm! Try and get them when they are 50 percent off at HL. It's an easy way to add a decorative element!