Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Look of the Week: Chic Office Space

Turning a house into a home can be an easy and fun process. A good starting is your home office. The office space is an easy space to be more expressive and take a few more risks. By risks I mean try out a trendy wallpaper or a bold painted patterned. I love our inspiration space this week! The greens and pinks make a great combination for a cheerful space. I've pulled together three looks that our representative of this space, all with a touch of great floral wallpaper!

Get the Look

This wonderful wallpaper by Graham and Brown displays our green and pink combo perfectly. Instead of brown we have a black base, but we will lighten the space up with white accents.

I love this green chair! I found it at TJ Maxx for a great price. The bottom and back of the chair are lined with silver nail heads. I bought this for my office, which is currently a work in progress.

I found these great round tufted ottomans from amazon. The ottomans in our inspiration picture were old pieces that were re-done by the owner. If you have or if you could find some old pieces and re upholster them go for it! You could find some great pieces with a lot of character.

I love these faux taffeta drapes! They add a dramatic appearance at half the price. These are from halfpricedrapes.com in seaglass.

Like I said before we are going to accent our room with white pieces. This desk is both functional and charming. It has plenty of storage for office accessories and enough detail to add a little character. This beauty can be purchased from homedecorators.com

Both of these chairs would be perfect accent chairs. I have given you the option of a light grey or white. The white would stand out more, but the grey would add a little touch of something different. Like our desk, both of these pieces are from homedecorators.com.

Get the Look

In case you aren't a pink lover, I have a green and brown option without the girly accent. This wallpaper is also from Graham and Brown and keeps with our floral theme.

In this option we will accent with a white and wood combo.I love the style and distressed aesthetic of this writing desk, also from homedecorators.com. This option will give us a more traditional feel as opposed to a chic space.

This is the same chair we used previously. Head to TJ Maxx or Homegoods for similar pieces in different colors and patterns. 

I found this ottoman at homedecorators.com, since we are not using an additional accent color the plaid pattern will add a nice visual element.

These drapes like our others are from halfpricedrapes.com. This set is in beige.

 Apparently I got a little shop happy at homedecorators.com. Both of these chairs would make great accent chairs if you wanted to add one. They would bring a fresh clean element into the space.

Get the Look 

Our last featured look leaves out the green and focuses on the pink! Of course you could add green accents if you wanted. This wallpaper like the others is by Graham and Brown. Love this print to pieces!

This chair is a classic beauty. It's got a sassy hot pink velvet fabric and an ivory washed finish. It's a perfect accent piece, sure to grab attention!

We are continuing with our white accent pieces. This is the same desk we saw with our first look. The pink chair will really pop against the white!

You guessed it, from homedecorators.com. This stunning nail head accent chair would be great in a corner or staged in front of the desk. Let people know your the boss with your bold pink chair, keeping your accents muted.

Great faux taffeta drapes in white.
Found this perfectly pink ottoman at amazon. If you place your accent chair in a corner add a couple of these under your desk to pull your pieces together.

Accent Pieces
All of these pieces could be used in any of these rooms.

Why hello lady! Grab this stunning mirror from 1800lighting.com for under $200! The shape of this mirror is amazing and would compliment any room.

Head over to Zgallerie.com for some amazing accent pieces. I found these owl vases that would make a great decor piece. Add some giant hydrangeas or peonies for the full effect.

Remember to keep organized! This piece also from zgallerie.com makes an eye pleasing storage tote. Also comes in other colors!

There you have it, three great looks for a perfect office space! Hope you found some inspiration. Be inspired and create!

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