Monday, February 27, 2012

Colorful Decorating

This is for all the color lovers out there and hopefully we can change a few minds who aren't. A good medium is to use a vibrant paint color with neutral furnishings and accessories or choose a neutral paint color and accessorize with bold pops of color! In our featured spaces they have chosen neutral paint colors and added gorgeous colorful furnishings, all great focal points!

Soft Purple
Why I love: This purple side table is a great contrast to the pale orange wallpaper. It is a cooler tone so it keeps the space subdued. 

Why I Love: Aqua is a great accent to gold accessories. This palette is very fresh and clean. Seems like a feel good space!

Sea foam Green
Why I Love: Sea foam is a gentle color. It's not over powering, but livens up any space.

Why I Love: I love the idea of colorful dining room chairs! It adds so much character and gives the room a vintage chic feel.

Why I Love: Orange can be a tricky color, but with large windows that let plenty of light through it can also look fabulous. With such tall ceilings the orange does not take over this room, it adds the perfect amount of contrast.

Royal Blue
Why I Love: Like our sea foam green, a dark blue is a gentle color and like our aqua it pairs great with gold. Using blues in a monochromatic scheme is a great way to incorporate color, while keeping your space light and airy.  

I definitely need a good colorful piece of furniture! I'm thinking my living room tv stand. If I follow through with a revamp I will be sure to post. Hope you found some inspiration, be inspired and create!

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