Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Maxx Find

Call me a maxxinista! T.J. Maxx is definitely one of my favorite stores. I find all kinds of goodies from home decor to personal accessories. I talked earlier about wanting to find some mirrored bedside tables and I found them on clearance at TJ Maxx! Not only are they great bedside tables but they have great storage.

The Find

I was really surprised I found these pieces unbroken and so cheap. They were on clearance for $79.00, originally $299.00 and that was the T.J. Maxx price. Mirrored pieces can be pretty pricey. The storage in this piece is unbelievable. The top actually comes up and there are compartments and ring storage. Since I have a lamp on mine, I'm not using it.

When you open it up there are two shelves to store books and notebooks, 3 square drawers, and necklace hooks. 

I'm using the square drawers to store my bracelets. One for silver, one for gold and one for color.

This isn't enough for all my necklace storage, but will hold a few pieces.

There are two drawers below. I am using one for earring storage and the other for watches.

I bought this jewelry storage divider from T.J. Maxx as well.

It fits perfectly!

I'm pretty proud of my fabulous find! It's a beautiful piece that's also functional! Be inspired and create!

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