Sunday, December 30, 2012

DIY Glitter Magnets & Food Labels

Who doesn't love a little bit of bling? Glitz up ordinary objects for outstanding visual appeal. First, lets start with our glitter magnets. You will need close pins, craft magnets, paint and a paint brush, spray adhesive and of course glitter.
For each glitter color pick a matching base coat of paint. This will maximize the effect once the glitter is applied.

You don't have to paint them perfectly, just enough to cover the surface.

Once your paint is dry, spray the adhesive one at a time and immediately add your glitter.

Once the glitter is applied you will have something similar to this. Beautiful huh?

The last step is to add your magnets. Make sure you add enough to have adequate holding power.

Now show them off!
Food Labels
Use your magnets as food display labels for any shower or party! Everyone will love them. 

Be inspired and create!

DIY Wine Tags and Bookmarks

Welcome 2013! Only a couple more days and a new year begins. Tomorrow will be, for some, a time of gathering and celebrating to ring in a new beginning. If you are one of those individuals who will be hosting a party I came up with a unique, affordable and cute way to label your wine glasses for your guests. You will need a pack of blank tags, a marker of your choice, your computer and some water.
On your computer choose a fun font and type out your names. Make sure you flip the names backward, like you see in the above picture. This is so you can rub off your computer ink onto your tags and trace them with ease. Lay your tag flat and place the printed out paper over the tag, ink down. Wet a paper towel and dab the printed paper until it comes through on your tag. Don't over saturate or the ink will bleed.

When your done it will look something like this.

Use a fine tip marker or paint pen to trace the ink. When your done it will look something like this.

Use the twine that came with your tags to tie around your glasses.

Unique and cute.
To make your bookmarks we will use the exact same steps as the tags. Here is how they turned out.

These are so simple and give you the ability to add your own personal touch.
Be inspired and create!

Monday, December 24, 2012

DIY Glitter Nails

Merry Christmas Eve! I thought I would throw together a quick post in case anyone has some last minute nails to do. All you need is your base coat, clear coat and some loose glitter. 

First, add your base color. I like to match my base with my glitter. 

Once your base coat is dry add your clear coat.

Right after you apply your clear coat sprinkle your glitter why it's still wet. Add as much or as little as you want!

And now you have your very own "glitter nail polish". 

Be inspired and create!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Wrap it up!

We've got one week until Christmas! Hopefully most of you have all your gifts bought and are ready to wrap. I put together some inspiration for cute wrapping. One thing I did with my gifts this year was coordinate a wrapping scheme for each person. I went metallic with my paper this year, hubby and bro got the red, mom got the baby blue, and dad got the silver. You can jazz it up with your ribbon, bows and tags. Lets look at some cute ideas I found. 

Wrapping Inspiration

I love the simple black and white paper with a pop color of ribbon. You could do a different color ribbon for each family member. 

I love the use of craft paper for gift wrapping! Take it up a notch with some glitter ribbon. This could really be cute! 

The brown and green is gorgeous and very traditional. This paper is also great for the man of the house. 

How elegant is this? White, silver and grey are simple, but make a great statement. I especially love the deer silhouette. 

Like I said earlier, I went metallic with my paper this year. You can never go wrong with a little shine at Christmas! 

I thought this was pulled together so nicely! Mix simple patterns within a coordinating color scheme for a dramatic effect! 

Happy wrapping! Be inspired and create! 

Sources for photos unknown.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Decor

Christmas decorations should be in full swing, I mean it is December 03! I have a few projects I wanted to share. Hope you enjoy!



Christmas Trees


Chair Tie Backs

Door Decor

Be inspired and create!

Friday, November 30, 2012

"Ugly" Christmas Sweaters

Let the parties begin! It's almost time to whip out your Christmas sweaters. Ugly Christmas sweaters are always a hit, but maybe you want the not so ugly Christmas attire. Something still easy on the eyes, but with a bit of tackiness. 

Christmas Sweaters: Etsy

I love this t-shirt. I've seen it around here and there and finally found it on Etsy. This would be so cute with a cardigan or boyfriend collard button up underneath. Find it on Etsy at the CrazyDogTshirt shop. 

Who couldn't love this? Home Alone is a must see every holiday season! This is also on Etsy at the Donkey Tees Shop. 

Christmas Sweaters: ASOS

How cute is this outfit? I love this two tone simple Christmas sweater paired with a plaid shirt and the always cute beanie with a pom pon. 

Fair Isle prints are always great for the holidays. This black and white sweater is cute for any seasonal party.  

In need of a cardigan? This classic red/green cardigan is simple enough to express your Christmas joy, while still keeping it classy.

If you want to go a little more flashy try this. This print is super cute and is sure to eye catching. 

Whether you're looking for a true ugly sweater or something a little more trendy, I'm certain you are sure to find it! Have fun this season! Be inspired and create! 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Easiest DIY Christmas Napkin Holders!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and filled their tummies! The weekend after Thanksgiving for most is filled with extreme Christmas decorating! As I was decorating my dining table I stumbled upon the easiest and cutest DIY Christmas napkin holders! I had four poinsettia tree pics that wrapped my napkins beautifully! In just 3 easy steps you will have a beautiful table setting!

You will need one tree pic and one napkin of your choice. 

Place your napkin up to the top of the decorative embellishment. 

 Wrap the stem of the pic around the napkin.

 And now you have a beautiful and cheap napkin ring! Be inspired and Create!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Lets Decorate a Tree or Two!

Who doesn't love to decorate a tree? To start the season off right my friend and I were honored to be able to decorate two 12' trees for a very popular hotel. The first step was to go shopping of course and that we did. 

We needed a lot of mesh, ribbon, ornaments, and picks. This is just half of our selection.

To show how in need they were of our services here is the BEFORE picture of the trees. And yes, you are looking correctly, the trees don't have tops. 

The tree already looked better once we got the old decorations off. 

And here is the AFTER. We kept the two trees similar but switched the colors around. 

Now you might think the one random empty frame is weird, or you might not, but we did have a purpose for it. We walked around Hobby Lobby trying to of the best way to place an advertisement for ourselves and this was absolutely the best! We bought two frames, scrapbook paper, and a glass insert. My friend whipped out her Cricut machine and cut out some fancy vinyl.

And that started my Holiday decorating! This weekend it's my house! Be inspired and create!