Monday, November 19, 2012

Lets Decorate a Tree or Two!

Who doesn't love to decorate a tree? To start the season off right my friend and I were honored to be able to decorate two 12' trees for a very popular hotel. The first step was to go shopping of course and that we did. 

We needed a lot of mesh, ribbon, ornaments, and picks. This is just half of our selection.

To show how in need they were of our services here is the BEFORE picture of the trees. And yes, you are looking correctly, the trees don't have tops. 

The tree already looked better once we got the old decorations off. 

And here is the AFTER. We kept the two trees similar but switched the colors around. 

Now you might think the one random empty frame is weird, or you might not, but we did have a purpose for it. We walked around Hobby Lobby trying to of the best way to place an advertisement for ourselves and this was absolutely the best! We bought two frames, scrapbook paper, and a glass insert. My friend whipped out her Cricut machine and cut out some fancy vinyl.

And that started my Holiday decorating! This weekend it's my house! Be inspired and create! 

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