Friday, November 30, 2012

"Ugly" Christmas Sweaters

Let the parties begin! It's almost time to whip out your Christmas sweaters. Ugly Christmas sweaters are always a hit, but maybe you want the not so ugly Christmas attire. Something still easy on the eyes, but with a bit of tackiness. 

Christmas Sweaters: Etsy

I love this t-shirt. I've seen it around here and there and finally found it on Etsy. This would be so cute with a cardigan or boyfriend collard button up underneath. Find it on Etsy at the CrazyDogTshirt shop. 

Who couldn't love this? Home Alone is a must see every holiday season! This is also on Etsy at the Donkey Tees Shop. 

Christmas Sweaters: ASOS

How cute is this outfit? I love this two tone simple Christmas sweater paired with a plaid shirt and the always cute beanie with a pom pon. 

Fair Isle prints are always great for the holidays. This black and white sweater is cute for any seasonal party.  

In need of a cardigan? This classic red/green cardigan is simple enough to express your Christmas joy, while still keeping it classy.

If you want to go a little more flashy try this. This print is super cute and is sure to eye catching. 

Whether you're looking for a true ugly sweater or something a little more trendy, I'm certain you are sure to find it! Have fun this season! Be inspired and create! 

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