Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mason Jar Storage

I've been getting organized this week. I made a big decision this week to ditch the boxes! One, they were taking up unnecessary space and two they were an eye sore. I had several mason jars stored and decided they would make perfect storage pieces for items like beans, chocolate chips, toothpicks, tea bags, baking powder, corn starch, sweetener packets etc. 

The first step was to transfer all the goods into the mason jars, that was simple. Next, I used a piece of card stock craft paper to make some labels. I typed up the labels on my computer, printed them out and used a circle cutter to cut 2" circles. 

The final step was to attach the labels to the lids. For this I used glue dots, they will be easy to detach when I need to swap out the contents. Here is the final product! 

Switching from the boxes to the mason jars freed up a ton of space in my pantry and they are super cute.  Check the items in your pantry and see if they are mason jar worthy. Be inspired and create! 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Mascara Showdown

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the amount of choices I have when choosing makeup. I'm super picky about my eyeliner and my mascara! I have three mascara choices, all different brands, that I love! Let's check out the competition. 

Mascara Showdown

Why I Love: This is my first true love. I used this mascara in my high school and college days. I still use it occasionally, but switch it out every now and then. This mascara is great for bold dark lashes. 

Why I Love: Like L'oreal's Voluminous, this mascara is also great for bold, dark lashes. It does a decent job at lengthening lashes, but towards the end of the day you may notice some flaking. 

Why I Love: I stumbled upon this product by accident, but this is the best mascara I've ever used for lengthening and separating lashes! It isn't the darkest or boldest mascara, but definitely gives you  great length and separation. If you want to maximize your lashes I suggest using Cover Girls Volume Extract as a base and finishing up with L'oreal's Voluminous or Maybelline's Mega Plush. 

Go ahead, give them a try. If you have mascara you love, I'd love to know what you use! Be inspired and create! 

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Best Eye Makeup Remover

Never buy eye makeup remover again! I discovered the best eye makeup remover for as little as $3.00 that will last for years! What is this best kept secret? Vaseline. I started using Vaseline a few months ago and it is the best eye makeup remover I've ever used. It removes your makeup easily leaving your eyes smooth and moisturized. 

If you need a cheap yet highly effective makeup remover you definitely need to try this. Be inspired and create!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Tips and Tricks: How to clean glass without the streaks

I'm not sure many of us had much of a Spring this year, but "Spring cleaning" still had to be done. I learned a useful trick years ago and I'm not sure if many others know this little secret, so I thought I'd share. Do you know how to clean glass without leaving streaks? No? Well the secret is simple, you clean it with newspaper. Yes, newspaper. Spray your cleaner and wipe with newspaper. Your streaks will be gone!

 Be inspired and create! 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Etsy Love: The Print Co.

I've got an awesome Etsy shop to share with you! If you love photos and color, you will love what this shop can offer. They take your favorite picture and transform it into a pop art print. You provide the picture and the colors and they do the work, the best part is it's only $12.00 for 3 variations of the print! Check out some of the options below! 

The Print Co. 

I love the idea of using an engagement photo with your wedding colors! 

Go check them out here The Print Co. These would be great for a photo collage! 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tips and Tricks: How to Properly Fold a T-Shirt

Who knew there could be a proper way of folding a t-shirt? I say proper because this technique could save you time unfolding and refolding your tee's when you pull out the wrong one. We all know that is a bummer and down right annoying. I have two ways to fold your tees so there is no guessing what you're about to unfold. What's the trick? It's simple, you have to expose the graphics! 

How to Properly told a T-Shirt: Method 1

Look at that beautiful display of t-shirts? I'm sure you never thought t-shirts could look so good. 

First fold your shirt in half. Bring the collar even with the bottom of the shirt. 

Second, fold in your arms. Make sure the top of the tee and the bottom of the tee stay even in width. 

Now fold the shirt in half.

And flip over! Look at that graphic! 

How to Properly Fold a T-Shirt Method 2

In method two you can still see a portion of all the graphic. This technique works best if you have small logos on the chest. 

First, fold the tee in half vertically. 

Second, fold in your arms.

Next, fold the top half of the shirt half way down the body. 

Then, fold the bottom half up underneath the top half. 

Turn over and you're all done!

Now you know how to properly fold a t-shirt. Choose the method that's right for you and get to folding! Be inspired and create! 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

DIY Spring Wreath: Pink and Green

Spring is here and I can't think of a single person who isn't excited about it! It's time to do a little Spring decorating so why not start with a fresh new wreath. I love pink and green combos for Spring. I used various highs and lows of pinks and greens to create an eye pleasing focal point. I did however get a little crazy with so many textures. 

Here's what you need: 
Floral Stems
Wreath Form
Hot Glue

I started with the moss first,hot gluing it to my wreath form. I would use a twig form versus the one I got, not sure what I was thinking. Once your moss is in place start adding your flowers. 

Once I started adding the flowers I didn't like how much greenery there was from the stems, so I picked off some of the flowers and hot glued them into the wreath. 

Leave a space for your ribbon and add your bow. I love this chevron mesh! 

Be inspired and create! 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Uses for Baking Soda: Keeping Shoes Fresh

Ok ladies, we've all had a pair of shoes that could use a little freshening up. Sometimes I think baking soda is a cure all. There are so many uses for it and I found one more to add to the list. To keep your shoes fresh sprinkle some baking soda in your shoes, use a damp paper towel to rub it in and shake out the excess. For extra protection sprinkle baking soda on the bottoms of your feet before you head out. 

Give it a try! Be inspired and create! 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Healthy Breakfast: Egg McMuffin

A healthy breakfast doesn't have to be boring. This delicious healthy egg mcmuffin recipe is only 3-4 Weight Watchers points! I say 3-4 because you may not want the cheese or you may not want the egg.

1/2 of a 100 calorie English muffin: 1.5pts
1 slice Canadian Bacon: Less than .5 pt but I calculate it as .5 pt.
1 slice fat free cheese: 1 pt
1 egg white: 1pt

Cook your egg, add pepper to taste. 
Heat up your Canadian Bacon and English Muffin in the skillet. Add cheese while items are hot and enjoy. 

This is so good you won't believe it's healthy! Be inspired and create! 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

This Week on Pinterest

I find all sorts of inspiration from Pinterest. Here are a few pins I stumbled upon recently.

This Week on Pinterest...

I've painted and glittered clothespins, but never dyed them. Love this idea! 

You can never have too many layering bracelets. The bike is perfect for Spring. 

I love these vintage inspired canisters! This has a DIY project written all over it! 

Urban Renewal Cutoff Overall Dress

Yes, overalls are making a come back! I've seen them various places in the market and in trend forecasts!

If you're not on Pinterest I highly recommend you join, it's the best! If you are already connected follow me here! 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Necklace Organizer: My Copy Cat Look

Getting your jewelry organized can be some what of a challenge. I posted this inspirational picture a while ago and I have finally made my copy cat look! 

Source: Unknown

My Copy Cat DIY

I got the knobs at Hobby Lobby and my husband was lucky enough to come across some old barn wood. Beautiful right? Having one more piece of my life organized makes for a successful day! Be inspired and create! 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Low Calorie Dessert: "Root Beer Float"

Everyone needs a treat, especially when your trying to diet.  It seems eating healthy makes you crave sweets even more than normal! I've got just the right dessert to curve your sweet tooth and its a lower calorie choice! This recipe is ZERO weight watchers points! I wasn't sure what to name it so I went with "Root Beer Float" although it's more float and less root. Let's just get to the recipe. 

Fat Free Whipped Cream: I used Cool Whip.
Diet Root Beer

Add 1-2 scoops of your fat free whipped cream and follow with the diet root beer. I used about 1/2 a cup, but since it's diet, you can use however much you please. 

There you have it, a dessert that's ZERO weight watchers points! You can't go wrong here! Be inspired and create! 

For another dessert try this:

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Light Blue and White Dishes: My Copy Cat Look

A little while back I posted this picture of dishes I adored, but they are quite expensive.

From: Vietri.com

Last night I found my copycat look! I got a setting of 4 for less than the price of one piece of the inspirational dishes. Where did I find these you might ask? Home Goods! I've also seen them at TJ Maxx. I got 2 light blue plates and a white bowl for each setting. I've got big plans for my dining table, hope to show them to you soon! 

Be inspired and create! 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Healthy Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla

Sometimes you need a quick sweet tooth fix, but dread the calories and sugar of a sweet snack. Fear no more! Try these cinnamon sugar tortillas, they are delicious and only 1 weight watchers point! 

1 Carb Balance whole wheat tortilla
Spray Butter
Ground Cinnamon
1 packet Zero Calorie Sweetener

1. Heat stove burner to medium heat.
2. Mix 1 packet of zero calorie sweetener with ground cinnamon. Add ground cinnamon as desired.
3. Spray frying pan with no stick spray.
4. Place tortilla in pan.
5. Spray a few sprays of butter on tortilla. 
6. Sprinkle mixture of cinnamon and sugar over the tortilla. 
7. Let tortilla heat up, let bottom brown lightly. 

This cinnamon sugar tortilla is a great sweet tooth fix and at only 1 weight watchers points you can afford to eat them more frequently! Be inspired, create and enjoy! 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Get it Girl: Athletic to Edgy

On the weekends, you could definitely catch me wearing a hat. I've said before I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of a girl, but that doesn't mean you have to look dumpy. Check out this super fashionable look accessorized with a ball cap and bomber jacket. I've gathered a few pieces to help you create the look yourself. 

The Look

Source: Lookbook.nu

Get the Look

Acid Wash Jeans

From: Nastygal.com

From: Tobi.com

Bomber Jacket

From: Forever 21

From: ASOS.com

From: ASOS.com

From: ASOS.com


From: Charlotte Russe

From: RiverIsland.com


From: Newlook.com

From: ASOS.com

From: Topshop.com

Your athletic look can easily be turned edgy with a few tweaks. Don't be scared to try something new. Be inspired and create!