Sunday, April 7, 2013

Healthy Breakfast: Egg McMuffin

A healthy breakfast doesn't have to be boring. This delicious healthy egg mcmuffin recipe is only 3-4 Weight Watchers points! I say 3-4 because you may not want the cheese or you may not want the egg.

1/2 of a 100 calorie English muffin: 1.5pts
1 slice Canadian Bacon: Less than .5 pt but I calculate it as .5 pt.
1 slice fat free cheese: 1 pt
1 egg white: 1pt

Cook your egg, add pepper to taste. 
Heat up your Canadian Bacon and English Muffin in the skillet. Add cheese while items are hot and enjoy. 

This is so good you won't believe it's healthy! Be inspired and create! 

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