Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mason Jar Storage

I've been getting organized this week. I made a big decision this week to ditch the boxes! One, they were taking up unnecessary space and two they were an eye sore. I had several mason jars stored and decided they would make perfect storage pieces for items like beans, chocolate chips, toothpicks, tea bags, baking powder, corn starch, sweetener packets etc. 

The first step was to transfer all the goods into the mason jars, that was simple. Next, I used a piece of card stock craft paper to make some labels. I typed up the labels on my computer, printed them out and used a circle cutter to cut 2" circles. 

The final step was to attach the labels to the lids. For this I used glue dots, they will be easy to detach when I need to swap out the contents. Here is the final product! 

Switching from the boxes to the mason jars freed up a ton of space in my pantry and they are super cute.  Check the items in your pantry and see if they are mason jar worthy. Be inspired and create! 

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