Sunday, December 30, 2012

DIY Wine Tags and Bookmarks

Welcome 2013! Only a couple more days and a new year begins. Tomorrow will be, for some, a time of gathering and celebrating to ring in a new beginning. If you are one of those individuals who will be hosting a party I came up with a unique, affordable and cute way to label your wine glasses for your guests. You will need a pack of blank tags, a marker of your choice, your computer and some water.
On your computer choose a fun font and type out your names. Make sure you flip the names backward, like you see in the above picture. This is so you can rub off your computer ink onto your tags and trace them with ease. Lay your tag flat and place the printed out paper over the tag, ink down. Wet a paper towel and dab the printed paper until it comes through on your tag. Don't over saturate or the ink will bleed.

When your done it will look something like this.

Use a fine tip marker or paint pen to trace the ink. When your done it will look something like this.

Use the twine that came with your tags to tie around your glasses.

Unique and cute.
To make your bookmarks we will use the exact same steps as the tags. Here is how they turned out.

These are so simple and give you the ability to add your own personal touch.
Be inspired and create!

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