Monday, January 30, 2012

Ottoman Inspiration

We have a little house project in the works at my house. We raised our bed and now our little dog can't jump up on the bed, so we need some sort of an ottoman as her "step stool". I'm not quite sure exactly what I want so I pulled together a few inspirational pieces.

Why I Love: First of all I love the velvet fabric! This is an option where the fabric is completely wrapped around the frame. Very simple, but cute none the less.

Why I Love: I was immediately drawn to the details in the legs. The white legs with a bright fabric really pop.

Why I Love: I do love the idea of two small separate pieces. The shape of this ottoman is perfect and could easily be made into a storage piece.

Why I Love: I am on the hunt for mirrored side tables so a mirrored ottoman would tie right in. Not crazy about this fabric, but love the frame!

Why I Love: Both of these pieces are a more traditional style with a modern tribal print. I love the size them. They would go great at the end of the bed and would give my dog plenty of room to jump.

Why I Love: We all know I love velvet, but I love this piece because of the silver finish. Since I am using mirrored bed side tables this would be a cheap alternative for my ottoman.

Why I Love: I do love white, but I love these nail heads even more. Creating a fun pattern out of nail heads adds unique character to the piece.
There is my inspiration so far. Now it's time to do a little shopping and get all the details to my hubby who will actually be making the piece. I'll be sure to post a step by step how to when we start and unveil what choices we made! Be inspired and create!

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