Thursday, January 19, 2012

Aqua Accents

For fashion or decor aqua always proves to be a stunning accent. It is definitely my go to color if I have the option! Here are a few looks I love that include aqua accents.  

Totally obsessed with that clutch and shoes! Adding these accents compliment the soft chiffon top and always trendy skinny jeans.

Aqua and yellow work lovely together don't they? A soft neutral space spiced up with colorful soft hues. This is an example of using minimal color, but the both the aqua and yellow really pop.

To really emphasis a color try a monochromatic scheme. In this example they have used a darker shade on the walls and light aqua accents. If in a bedroom the space would be just as effective if you used a light paint color and a dark fabric head board.

A true aqua wall! The white wood work plays down the brightness of the cheerful color. The black and white striped couch and pink chairs add a nice playful touch to the space.

Now that we've looked at some sample spaces, it's time to shop! Lets see how we can get the look of our aqua fashion inspiration

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Since the accessories make this outfit, lets start with them.

From: ASOS

I can't put into words how much I love this clutch! Besides the color, the emphasis on lines and the minimal silver detailing make this a perfect find.  

From: Dillards
By: Jessica Simpson

Not much to say here. Perfect color for a perfect pump!


This is one of my favorite simple gold necklaces I have found in a while. Simple chain with two subtle statement accents.


I have to admit this was one of the most difficult tops I've tried to hunt down! I still wasn't totally successful, but I do love these options. Both are chiffon button up tops, leave unbuttoned with an undershirt to more closely obtain our look. Both of these options would be perfectly complimented with our aqua accessories.



Find something you love, be inspired and create!

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