Wednesday, January 18, 2012

White Open Spaces

Some may call it the universal color or perhaps not even a color at all, but there is no denying that white doesn't make the most beautiful spaces. I know it's not practical for all spaces, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy admiring them. A compliment to any color white helps a space feel fresh, open and inviting. Here are a few of my favorite white interiors.


Lets see, how should we describe this room? Classic, dreamy, romantic, warm? Either way it is undoubtedly gorgeous. The unity of white an sunlight make for a comfortable and eye pleasing space. Notice how the bed is made up of an intricate foot board and frame and a simple mirror for the headboard. They have added a gorgeous chandelier and a very dull sage green for the furniture pieces. I give high props to the designer. 

 Gray, we will call it whites cousin just for fun, is a great way to bring a subtle contract to your space. It's not over powering and still keeps your space fresh and clean. I love this accent chair and a pop of bubble gum pink.


Your bathroom may not be a spa, but it is the room in your home that most closely mimics one. It can be made into a place to unwind so why not make it a soft and relaxing experience? Plus softer colors can help lighting and balance in small spaces.


In my dream home I would have large windows with lots of sunlight and a whole lot of white. These spaces make my heart smile. I find myself living in a fantasy world when I look at them, coming up with family scenarios in my head, silly I know!

 Scenario 1: Family breakfast. Love the windows and built in banquette. The table is simple and stools are standard. We see in this space like in the bedroom they added a light sage green to one of the stools. I also have to mention the gorgeous white hydrangeas, love this flower!

 Scenario 2: Kids running through the house while I prepare a nice little lunch. Why I love this so much? The distressed island! The ceiling detail doesn't hurt either. Notice the contrast of dark wood floors, lovely isn't it?

Scenario 3: Kids are sleeping and I am making a feast of a breakfast. I think this space can be summed up with two words, cute and charming. Old worn table with old iron chairs, what a great combination.

Scenario 4: It's a warm summer day and the family is outside taking advantage of the nice weather. The kitchen is in tact and just looking pretty! Stunning features in this space: 1. Dining chairs 2. Light selection 3. Ceiling detail. If you look closely it looks as if the floor is a diamond pattern. Adding patterns to neutral spaces adds character that could be overlooked in other spaces.

I am a fan of color, believe me, but there is something about white I just can't pass up. These are truly beautiful spaces. Be inspired and create!

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