Sunday, January 22, 2012

I Spy Something Chevron

Undoubtedly the hottest pattern of 2011, Chevron has consumed the design industries. A notable craze from the year was when Target introduced their Missoni line. The collection was inspired by  a variety of geometric shapes with a large emphasis on the chevron pattern. This print has been popping  in home decor, the fashion industry, wedding decor, and everyday accessories, including cell phone cases and home organizers.

Interior Chevron

This is definitely a chevron statement! Looking through the pillows you can see the different widths and manipulations of the print along with a variety of colors. A fun print deserves fun color, don't be afraid to go bold. Painting chevron on a wall is fairly simple and makes a great focal point. We'll touch more on this at the end.

A classic wing back chair with a modern twist. Traditional chairs are easy to find at flea markets or garage sales and they look great with a little TLC. These chairs look stunning and will make great conversation pieces.

Now this is a bold courageous decision! Turning your kitchen into a chevron masterpiece will definitely catch your eye. A back splash is not an easy or cheap project to re-do, so you better make sure you are all in! This is a great way to turn your kitchen from drab to fab.

Accent chairs are a great way to incorporate a small dose of chevron print. I love the yellow painted trim with the black print.

Everyday home accessories can be found in this popular print everywhere! The throw was from Targets Missoni collection and I found these stone coasters from Etsy.

Fashion Chevron





Clutch with Chevron Interior

The fashion world has equally contributed to the madness of chevron. Dresses, shirts, accessories even shoes can be found in this print. I found some fabulous tops and dresses that have perfectly incorporated the popular pattern.

DIY: Painted Chevron

I have put together steps to help you paint your own chevron wall!
You will need:
                  1.Painters tape

Step 1
Draw a line where you want the bottom of your first chevron triangle to be.

Step 2

Make a triangle template out of cardboard. Place the bottom of the triangle on your line.

Step 3
 Tape off the top of the triangle. Move your template along the wall as shown.

Step 4
Use your ruler to measure how far down from the center of your triangle you want your next triangle to be placed.
Step 5
Repeat steps 1-3
This is what your wall should look like.

Step 6
Repeat steps 1-5 until you have your desired number of rows. Paint in between your tapers paint. Remember to paint one row and leave the next your wall color.  
 I hope you find this useful and inspiring! If you like what you've seen I'd love to hear your comments. Be inspired and create!

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