Sunday, January 1, 2012

Beautiful Bedrooms

I was randomly looking for cute and trendy wallpaper sources when I came across some of these beautiful bedrooms. I loved them so much I just had to share them! In all of these I love the head and foot boards! They use a subtle patterned fabric to wrap the frames and they have inspired me to find a simple pattern for mine.

My favorite aspects of this first room are the gold wall mirror, the large flower print that pops a bit of pink into the room, the yellow underlying blanket and of course the bed.

The damask print has been popular for a couple years now, but the ivory on cream print in this room looks fabulous with the tan and black striped bedding. It has just the right amount of contrast, no color needed!


Anyone in love yet? For a better look at this bed it is used in the next picture as well. For starters I love the antique doors around the window. I can't really tell what they are, but they add great character to the space. The wow factor for me in this room is the striped purple and brown comforter that appears to be velvet, and if it's not, it should be!

I was really impressed with the bed in this picture. I'm not all that crazy about some of the throw pillows, but I could easily work with that head board and foot board.

Gold and turquoise! Need I say more? Once again I have fallen in love with this bed. The bedding works well, but I personally would change it up a bit.

This is how yellow can work in your favor. Black and white stripes have been popular in recent years and this bed shows all the reasons why.

So obviously what attracted me to this picture was once again, the bed! The woodwork is phenomenal, lots of details and the fabric is a great balance between being bold and classy.

If I had this much space in my bedroom I'd be one happy lady! What drew me to this space was the ceiling detail and the over sized chandelier. I love that they used the window as a focal point and incorporated what I will believe is their favorite color.


These have all inspired to get on the ball and re-do my bedroom! I will be on a fabric hunt for the next few days, so wish me luck! I hope you too have found some inspiration and as always be inspired and create!

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