Sunday, January 15, 2012

Start on your Spring Collection

We have had a mild winter in my area and the warmer temperatures are getting me in the mood for Spring. It's never to early to start collecting so I've found three different looks I love for the coming season.

Bold Statement
Date night or evening with the girls, this look encompasses the "little black dress" with an emphasis on a bold colored necklace.

Casual Day
So it's Saturday morning and you need to go to the store. You are torn between throwing on sweats or getting ready for the day. This outfit is a perfect compromise! The slouchy shorts keep you comfortable and a fitted "T" makes you more approachable. Throw on some cute flats or sandals and you are ready to go.

Lunch Date
Two adorable outfits for a lunch date with your sweetie or your girlfriends. There's not much more to say, cute shorts, casual sweater or blazer, appropriate under shirt and accessorize.

Now lets focus on getting one of these looks!

To accomplish this look you will need a cute black dress or romper. Check these out.

Add a bold necklace



And add a fringe bag


There you have it, a little inspiration for starting your Spring wardrobe. Be inspired and create!

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