Saturday, January 14, 2012

Spruce up your Space

Hello all! I've been away for a week, hitting the slopes, but am ready to get back into design action! Some days I look at my house and think of ways I can easily and affordable transform my spaces. There are a ton of little touches you can do around your home that can make a big impact.  Lets look at a few examples.

Paint a chair

You may already have a standard chair lying around your house and if not you can find ones similar to these at your local flea market. Sand down the chair, try and get to the bare wood and paint with the finish and color of your choice. Use them around your dining table like this picture or as an accent piece throughout the house.

Replace your Headboard

Distressed Doors

Old Mantel

I easily get bored with my rooms and am always looking for new headboard ideas. Your headboard can transform your bedroom and is easily the focal point of your room. If you are looking for something different try using two old distressed doors or an old fireplace mantel. I love the old doors with a fancy chandelier, a great way to make the old new! The mantel headboard is one of my favorite ideas! The glass insert adds reflective character and the mantel provides a great base for decorations.

Paint a Chandelier

If you want to add a little color to your space without going overboard think about painting your chandelier, or finding an old chandelier and restoring it. Be sure to prime then spray paint.

Replace your Throw Pillows

You wouldn't believe how much switching out your pillows can change your space. Add new patterns, colors and textures to change things up. You can even keep a few and just add a couple new ones. When looking for pillows keep your eye out for ones that have a different fabric on the back than the front. You can rotate from front to back periodically.

Choosing one small project to spruce up your space will help transform your room without breaking the bank! These are simple suggestions that anyone can do. Be inspired and create!

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