Sunday, October 7, 2012

Halloween Wreath

Welcome Fall! I couldn't be happier that Fall is here. With Fall comes Football, Halloween, Thanksgiving and gives way to my favorite Holiday Christmas! I don't get into all of the spooky Halloween events, but I do  enjoy a good Disney Halloween movie. I have never had a Halloween wreath, but decided to try one out this year. This wreath came in at under $15.00! Thank you Hobby Lobby! 

The Wreath

You will need a wreath frame, floral wire or pipe cleaner, deco mesh ribbon, decorative ribbon, and some decorative objects. I also used a hot glue gun toward the end. Everything came from Hobby Lobby except the Pumpkin. He came from Wal-Mart. 

Make sure you get the wire with the cutter. This was a great help!

Use your floral wire to attach the deco mesh around the frame. Make sure you use the whole roll if you want  it to be full. 

Once you have the deco mesh attached, intertwine your decorative ribbon. 

If you are using an object covered in glitter, tape will not adhere. I ran two pieces of floral wire horizontally and vertically to the frame. 

I hot glued a piece of small cardboard to the pumpkin. 

Next, I hot glued the wire to the cardboard. It's not pretty, but you can attach another piece of cardboard over the wire if you would like. 

Then I hot glued a little witches hat. 

And added a bow. I wanted my pumpkin to look nice.

And here it is all finished! Be inspired and create!

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