Monday, November 14, 2011

Green Inspired Dining Room

I love this dining room! It's bright and clean and who doesn't love that? Keeping neutral walls and furniture provides a great backdrop for a splash of color. There is also a nice cohesive balance between the drapes, floor lamps and decor. Now lets get busy and find out how you can achieve this look!                                                                                     

I had a hard time finding a chunky table, but this would look equally as good. I would suggest scoping out your local flea markets to see if you can find one more exact.
From Target

Now lets look at some chair options. I found these chairs that are a similar in style and any of them would be a great choice

From Overstock
From Wal-Mart
From Overstock

I found a ton of cute green pillows from Etsy and picked out some fabric for the Do It Yourselfer.

From Etsy
Free Spirit Collection

I actually think I found the exact same rug , but threw in another option as well. Both are super cute.  

From Posh living 
From Posh Living

If you are wanting patterned drapes I recommend searching on Etsy or making your own. You should be able to find a nice solid at most retail stores.

From Etsy
From Hawthorne Threads
Joel Dewberry Collection
Either of these lights would look great in this space. It really depends if you prefer silver or black. I really like the width with the silver fixture.

From Lowes
From Lowes
I found a few floor lamps, but liked this one the best. You can re-cover this shade or buy a new one if you would like. I chose a silver lamp base versus the black, but also chose a black lantern versus their silver.

From Overstock

From Crate and Barrel

I hope this helps you get started, have fun creating your room!

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