Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lamp Re-Vamp

I can now check another craft to-do off my list. I've had this lamp for a couple of years now and have been meaning to complete it's makeover. I wish I had a full before picture, but unfortunately I don't. The lamp base was originally a pistachio green, but I had already re painted it with mirror spray paint. The last thing to do was to re-do the shade. 

What I used:
A hot glue gun
Decorative Accents
Decorative Ribbon

The Original Shade

Here it is, it's nothing special and it's not awful, just plain and needed a lift. 

Since this lamp shade increases in width towards the bottom, position the shade towards the corner as pictured above. 

Pull the corner enough to get a good start (above) and then tape it off like the below picture. This will help hold it in place while you finish wrapping the rest of the shade. 

Use your hot glue gun to glue down the fabric around the shade. 

Fold and glue down the excess fabric around the top and bottom of the shade. This does not have to be perfect, you could drive yourself crazy trying!

I found these "Spare-Parts" that I had from a previous project and used them to accentuate my seam. 

To top it off I got this "rose" ribbon at Hobby Lobby and lined the top and bottom of the shade. 

All done! It's a little girly, but works for me. Be inspired and create! 

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