Sunday, April 15, 2012

Baby Shower Fun

Who doesn't love planning a baby shower? I'm in the middle of baby shower planning and wanted to share a lovely little idea. The first fabulous idea is to suggest to your guests to bring a book instead of a card. The books will get a lot more use than the cards and you can't argue with that! I decided to take the idea a step further. First I made a list of kid book categories. I ended up with nine categories and made these cute cut outs to put in with the invitations. Designating categories will ensure you don't get the same book over and over. 

Next I made cute little bookmarks so the guests could leave a sweet note for the family on. Here is how I made the bookmarks.

You will Need:
Patterned or solid card stock
Ribbon, color of your choice
Hole punch
Initial stickers
Paper Cutter

I got all my supplies at Hobby Lobby. They had a great card stock pad with all sorts of patterns and were the perfect size. For the initials I used wedding envelope seals and I chose two different colors of ribbon, blue and orange. 

Pick out your patterns and tear out your sheets. 

Once you have them all torn out you'll need to cut them in half, I used a paper cutter. This will make them the perfect bookmark size 2" x 6". 

Now you have a massive stack of bookmarks! 

Next, place your sticker. By the way the J stands for Jude, the new babies name! 

Punch your hole

Cut your ribbon, I cut around 5". 

And tie your knot!

Now you have all your bookmarks complete! Add one bookmark and one book category slip in with your invitations! The parents will love receiving all the books with sweet little notes. Be inspired and create! 

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