Monday, May 28, 2012

Lets make a mirror

Happy Memorial Day to all! The past few days have been filled with BBQ's and lots of sun. Today I took some time to get in a small project. I have a mirror idea that will probably take a good half a day to DIY, but I thought I would start on a small scale. I decided to take a stab at a small kitchen mirror. It is super easy and quick! Lets get started! 

You will need: 
Contact Paper
Acrylic Paint
Spray Paint
Box Knife
Cutting Mat

I got most of my supplies from Hobby Lobby. I bought a blank wooden frame and mirror panel from the craft department and found this great contact paper from T.J. MAXX. I already had the rest of my supplies. I used the 40% off coupon from Hobby Lobby on both the frame and mirror panel. 

Since the frame has a beveled edge you will need to choose a paint color and paint around the edges. I chose gold. I put a first coat of acrylic paint and then finished it off with spray paint. 

Once your edges are dry it's time cut, fit and place your contact paper. 

Since the frame has beveled edges you can not just lay the frame face down on the contact paper and cut. You will need to use your ruler or the ruler on the backside of your contact paper and cut out the approximate size of your flat framed surface. 

Draw guidelines on the backside of your contact paper. When you are ready use your box knife to cut out your contact paper. 

Now you are ready to place it on the front side of your frame. You may need an extra hand for this. You may have a few air bubbles, and that is ok. You can smooth them out after your initial placement. The contact paper is pretty easy to work with. 

After you have placed it, use your box knife to cut out the center of the frame. 

Now place your mirror. 

There you have it! Eventually I may use some small trim and trim around the mirror, but for now this works! 

Be inspired and create! 

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