Thursday, May 31, 2012

Time to be Inspired

I've been so busy lately my head feels like it's going to explode! I decided to look for some home inspiration to ease my mind. Getting "away" seems to be the perfect solution. I've been thinking a lot about my home office. I have a few ideas flowing through my head, I just need to execute! Here are some great images of offices that I can pull inspiration from. 

I love the storage space in this room. I've been thinking of ways to incorporate more storage in my office. I definitely can't go this extravagant, but sure would be nice!  

Who couldn't love this confined, cute, cozy space? The ladder has stolen my heart! Old vintage ladders look great anywhere. I love the cork focal point, everything seems so simple and charming.  

I love the desk style and wicker accent baskets in this space. 

This space also has some nice built ins. I especially love how they used their cork board as their "art" piece. 

I'm definitely stealing a couple ideas from this space! I love the wire basket storage for fabrics! Everything is so neat and tidy. They have a nice combination of storage units an shelves. 

I have one craft for my office I'd like to complete this weekend, but I'll need the help of my hubby to complete! Wish me luck with that! Be inspired and create! 

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