Sunday, January 20, 2013

DIY: Tab Dividers

I finally found the planner I've been looking for my whole life! All I've ever wanted is a place to write my meals and my grocery list for each week. When I found this one I knew it was a keeper, the only thing it didn't have were tab dividers for each month. So, I made my own. 

The Planner

Grocery Hot Spot

No Tab Dividers

The Project
You will need cardboard, washi tape, paper cutter or scissors, and some glue. 

Cut your cardboard to the size you want your dividers. Mine were about 1.5". 

You should have 12 tiny pieces. 

Wrap your divider with the washi tape. 

When your done wrapping you will have a colorful collection of tabs. 

Finally, glue each tab to each month. 

I love the cute patterns washi tape comes in. You will have way cuter tabs than what your planner would have come with. Be inspired and create! 

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