Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Year Beginnings: Cash Budget

Aside from loving fashion and decor I really have an obsession with saving money. My husband and I have a strict cash budget each month and this helps us put back plenty of money into our savings each year. This has been so successful for us I wanted to share with whoever was willing to listen. We were introduced to Dave Ramsey a couple of years ago and were intrigued by his cash system. We agreed on a monthly budget and put our plan into action. If you have debt and are in need of help getting out I highly suggest Dave Ramsey's Get Out of Debt Plan. While my husband and I have been fortunate to not need a plan for this I know people who have successfully used this to conquer their debt.
What We Budget For Monthly Spending
1. Eat out money
2. Etc money/together spending
3. Individual spending money
4.Her hobby money 
5.His hobby money
6.Grocery money
 We also plan for bigger events through the year. Each month we take out money for events that we know we will have to pay for throughout the year.
What We Budget Each Month For the Year 
1. Property Taxes
2. Christmas
3. Vacation for the following year
4. Two small shopping trips per year. One for spring and one for fall.
5. Emergency Car fund
Aside from these small saving accounts we put money into our real savings account each paycheck. Get used to moving money over each paycheck or you could see yourself not doing it at all. Set goals for the year and see how close you can come to reaching them. I'm not saying it's easy, but the results are worth the discipline.
 I use envelopes for some of our cash like our grocery, eat out and etc money. Here's a DIY craft to make budgeting a little more fun.

DIY Envelope

I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out my envelope shape. Microsoft Word has envelope shapes you can print out, cut with scissors and assembly. Pick out a fun patterned card stock and stickers. 

I chose a Kraft paper card stock because it is a little more heavy duty and will last longer. 

Cut Out


I used a glue roller to adhere my sides. 

I also added decorative brads and twine. 

Label appropriately with your stickers.

And now you have a fun envelope to stache that cash! Be inspired and create!

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