Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bohemian Comfort

Like I think many of you will be, I am obsessed with this look. Find an over sized tribal poncho, add some tights and cute booties and you are good to go. Oh and don't forget your scarf! When I started finding items for this look I got a little out of control! I couldn't stop finding new looks, so you will definitely have a few options here!

Get the Look

Here are the four fabulous looks I found! There is sure to be that catches your eye!

Look 1
Our first looks is the most suttle. I added a deep wine color to the black and white poncho, keeping the scheme very conservative. Add some gold jewelry to complete the look! 

From: Urban Outfitters
From: Asos
From: Dorothy Perkins
From: Modcloth in Wine

Look 2
This look is still a bit conservative but adds a little more color using the brown family. The red booties add a little edge and are sure to be a crowd favorite!

From: Forever 21

From: Forever 21 in Taupe

From: Zappos
Look 3
In this look we have a little bit more color. Mustard has been a popular color for the past few years and doesn't seem to going out of style any time soon.

From: Forever 21

From: Forever 21 in Brown
From: Dorothy Perkins
From: Zappos

Look 4
Of all the looks this one is the boldest, mostly due to the teal tights! The palette is soft but definitely a statement.

From: DSW

From: JCrew

From: Modcloth
Four complete looks at your finger tips! Hope you found one you liked! Be Inspired and Create!

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