Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gift Wrap Ideas

I love unique gift wrapping ideas and I'm sure there is a small portion of you who still have Christmas wrapping to do! If you want to change up your style a bit here are some great ways to wrap your gift!

Picture wrapping

This one is my personal favorite! Find fun pictures of your family and friends and attach black and white copies to craft paper. Instead of craft paper you could use a solid color wrapping paper if you want to brighten it up.

Handmade gift tags

This is a great way to make unique gift tags. You can find these craft punches at Hobby Lobby or your local craft store.

Initial wrapping

Initials are popular in ever aspect these day, so why not jazz up your presents with them? You could use pre-cut initials or if you want to get down and dirty make your own using your choice of patterned paper!

Ribbon Accents
This is a more traditional approach to gift wrapping. Add lots of ribbon and you can go wrong right? Come up with a unique bow idea using textured ribbon, Christmas stems, or small ornaments.

Name Stickers

I also love this idea! This is pretty simple, buy some lettered stickers and stick them on! Your "gift tag" adds all the character in this wrapping technique.

Now to that small portion of you left, get to wrapping! Be Inspired and Create!

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