Thursday, December 22, 2011

Design Inspiration

I am constantly wanting to change the decor in my house which means I am constantly looking for new ideas. I found these 5 photos that all have their own unique aspects.

I would love to find an armoire like this that doesn't cost a fortune, this is on my list of to-do's. And what would be even more great is if I had the space to use this piece for accessories only! I think stuffing this with scarfs, hats, jewelry, and basic apparel would be fabulous!

Accessories Ar moire
 I have two favorite colors, soft lime green and various shades of light blue. So when a room uses one of these colors I will probably love it. First of all I love the patterned yellow wall! I think accent walls like this are a great addition to any room. Secondly I love the blue chairs, this picture is great because it shows you how you can use color and not overwhelm a space. The rest of the room is very neutral, but the pop of color turns it into a masterpiece!

Yellow meet Blue
Living Room

 I'm pretty sure this picture is from Pottery Barn a few years ago, but I still love this office. I'm obsessed with white furniture and green, so this completes me! A bright color works as long as you offset it with neutral accessories.

Pottery Barn Office

I think I totally need this! I have so many ideas in my head this would be a great and easy way to see them all at once. I also love these chair backs, they would look great in a turquoise with yellow/white striped fabric cushion.

Cork Wall

If you're looking for art look through magazines and Internet pictures or open up paint on your computer and start drawing! Buy some standard frames and you have some relatively cheap art. 

Cheap Art
 Finding small inspiration from large pictures can turn into a weekend full of DIY crafts. Some ideas for you this weekend: 1. Find a piece of old furniture to re-finish and stuff your accessories. 2. Add color to a neutral space. 3. Add some cork. 4. Make your own art. Whatever you choose, be inspired and create!  

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